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Visuals for Mirror Organs eclectically emotion inducing title track:
‘At Swim’ released on London Based label - Steep Incline 2020 Watch Here__>
Out lives pivot on two recurring locations; the home
and the place of work. Together, they balance us in a
pendulum of modern stability. But they are merging into
singularity. Environmental disasters and the current pandemic
have pushed work into the home, and as the day's structure
falls continually away, we find outselves in an interbellum
between the two, forced to limit our exposure to the external.

Natural life has become unobtainable, contemporary life has
left us yearning for a normality whose existence we only
recognise in its absence. We yearn for a more natural way of
living due to the fact that it seems perfect and thus conprehensible.

Enter; the natural world of technology Here, there is automated
birdsong and electric water. Our affinity towards nature is
genetic and deep-rooted in evolution, in such an epoch as
this we must learn to compromise. Watch Here__>
Procedurally generative city scape using a C# algorithm.

Using the proposed smart city plans in Moscow as a jumping point, this project explored what it means to live within a city today.
Our housing solution for the masses is becoming increasingly monotonous and austere. Skylines only broken by targeted media,
designed to part you with your cash in exchange for momentary relief from repetitive cycles.

These cities are sold to us as utopia, one not too dissimilar from what Sir Thomas More first described. Yet this solution to housing
the planets masses is one in retrogression from what we as a species need. These places define our autonomy, mental state and
even are very bodies. In a place where objects and technology define surroundings where can humans fit in? Our relationship with
utopia has become one of delegation and patience. We have Handed the responsibility over to technology and forgot
what we were striving for. Watch Here__>
A digital artist/designer
based in the UK_Services:
Web Dev_Art Direction_

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3D World Building_Ambient
Score Visualization + Halo
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